Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

    The privacy policy outlined in this document states the details of how and why the personal data is processed that is collected by and its servers. would do everything in their power to protect and safeguard their users’ personal information while only utilizing it to give the best and most reliable services to the visitors. wants the complete trust of their users and is committed to making their websites safe for usage by everyone. is bound by legal laws under the Data Protection Act 1998 to safeguard the personal information that is collected by from the users. In case you have any queries, comments or opinions in regards to this privacy policy you can contact us on the listed methods of contact.

    The types of personal information collected and the Method of Collection

    If you wish to avail a certain set of services offered via including posting in the forums and newsletters you will be required to fulfill either of the two criterias: i. Sign up or register for an account at, in this case you will be giving us your personal information regarding yourself and you will also be given a chance to make a choice of how your personal information is utilized for marketing; ii. Or you must sign in using one of your social media accounts. If you choose the latter option, we will automatically have access to some of your personal information that you have given on your respective social media account. Even in this case you will have a choice to make a selection of how your information will be used for marketing; you can also change your preference of marketing at any point in time by conforming to the instructions to change details in your account at our website. However, your personal information will only be used as stated in the privacy policy.

    • Personal Information collected while ordering a product or service

    In the account that you would order a product or utilize a service from you will be required to enter some of your personal details so that the requirements of the services can be fulfilled. In certain cases, will take you to a third party website where the personal information that is required will be assembled. These websites will only use the collected personal information that you or your subscriber gives to fulfill the requirements of the order that you sign up for or agree to.

    • Personal Information collected during Promotion Codes

    In the event that you wish to enter a competition or promotion you will be required to sign up for an account with or give required personal information which will be utilized in compliance with the rules and regulations of the competition that you are signing up for.

    • Personal Information collected while participating in a sweepstakes or survey

    If you ever wish to participate in an online survey or sweepstakes you will be required to sign up for an account at or give us certain required personal information which will be used in compliance with the stated legal terms of the survey or sweepstakes you are participating in.

    • Games

    In case you sign up or register for an online game through’s website you might be required to give certain personal information.

    • Demographics and Other Related Data Collected utilizes certain cookies, online analytics and web trademarks to assemble information regarding how you use’s website including information about your device or desktop such as the IP address or type of web browser, data regarding demographics and details of if you reached’s website through a third party link or website and the web address of the linking page. In case you haven’t signed up for an account with, it will be required to assemble your name and valid email address. The information that is assembled through these cookies, web analytics and trademarks may be transferred to these third party sites.

    • Personal Information gathered from additional sources might also have collected your personal information from other additional sources such as incomplete information about your postal and email address and then add this incomplete information to the personal information that already has on you.